This is where I scream from

*WAILS* But at least I'm still here
to-do list
I Deleted serene_cj because I was having ISSUES, and I've no idea what happened to see_jaysfics, except that I tried to log in and it was gone (if someone can tell me how that's even possible, I'd be forever grateful) so now I'm moving everything here. Hopefully the third time will stick. Here's to hoping.

For now, those looking for my original fics can find them here at Gay Authors and most of my HP fanfiction can be found here at E&S.

I'm working on getting everything in order to post it here but, In Due Time probably won't go back up on LJ until it's been edited A LOT, but I'll start posting Ashes again here and I've got tons of new updates for it, and a SHIT ton of new fanfiction to share so...busy times ahead.

Also, *waves* I missed everything and everyone. My inbox was a pleasant surprise when I finally opened the mess of emails in it and I can't believe that anyone still bothers looking for me, but I'm more than flattered. I love everyone like pie. I'm such a flake, and I've got lots of catching up to do, but I totally will.


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